Creating Solutions

ACH Check 21 Lock Box Credit Cards

PPA offers a wide variety of payment and check processing solutions to meet the needs of a varied customer base. This includes solutions which are resold by banks and those which are integrated into the most sophisticated of websites for payment processing.

Building Partners

As a partner centric, customer focused company we offer a wide variety of solutions. Each solution is designed to meet the varied needs of a nationwide customer base. We ask the right questions of our resellers, ISO's and merchants then craft a solution to meet those various needs. Addressing both cashflow and risk as the right solution is applied.
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As a company built on relationships we know our trusted long standing partnerships are key to ongoing success. Partner relationships are formed with our banks, indpendent resellers and merchants. Each partners success is paramount. We firmely believe our partner success lends itself to our own therefore we take every step necessary to make certain our partners are successful.