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Merchant services to fit your needs. 

Merchant focused, individualized solutions crafted to meet the needs of a wide variety of industry.  We find the balance between maximizing cashflow and managing risk. 

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Our Services

ACH (Automated Clearing House)

Our systems support traditional ACH processing for various industry types.  Transactions can be delivered to the PPA platform using our batch delivery portal or via our robust API.  ACH returns are delivered automatically and marked against the original item in the PPA system. 

Check21/Remote Deposit Capture

Our gateway system supports traditional remote deposit capture, allowing merchants to scan and deposit checks from a desktop of their choice. 

RCC (Remotely Created Check)

In RCC processing items for processing are delivered via batch or API similarly to the ACH format.  Items received by the daily cutoff debit back accounts the next day.

Merchant Credit Card Processing

Utilizing the services of various partners and banks, PPA is able to offer merchant credit card processing to a variety of industries, including those that may be considered "high risk." 

Support Staff

Our support staff is an intracule part in our day to day operations.  They are typically our customer's first point of contact.  We place an emphasis on training so they remain knowledgeable thus getting our customers information quickly.     

Consulting Services

We don't expect payment processing to be your expertise, because it's ours!  We have a team of experts that are happy to talk with you about how your business model is impacting your return rates. 

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About PPA

Processing Payments Since 2006

PPA was formed in response to an overall demand for a knowledgeable, compliant focused partner who's understanding of the sophisticated needs of a varied merchant base.  As a pioneer, PPA possess all of the qualities a bank, ISO partner or merchant customer is seeking:  Longstanding financial partnerships, a stable processing platform and ongoing education. 

We understand the risks of our business and have a keen understanding and appreciation for the standard of care which must be taken to satisfy every regulatory and client need.

At PPA we don't just use the word integrity, we live it in every action we take. 

Our CEO/Founder has over 30 years in the banking industry.  She saw a need among her customers and PPA was born.

  "As a company built on relationships we know our trusted long standing partnerships are key to ongoing success."

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Why Choose us

Our variety of service offerings.  As a compliment to traditional payment types, PPA provides a full suite of fraud mitigation and control tools. 

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Below we’ve provided some info on how we work and answers to your FAQs.

What types of businesses do you serve?

We work with banks, brick and mortar businesses and a variety of industries with internet based business.  We have developed specific technological and KYC tools and expertise in serving online based and adult entertainment businesses.  However, regardless of your industry PPA has the experience to assist you with a stable processing platform, that provides reliability and a quick conversion of your transactions into usable funds. 

What is the different between ACH and RCC processing?

ACH transactions are processed over the ACH network.  RCC transactions are processed via the traditional federal reserve Check21 cash letter protocols.  RCC mimics the ACH network; however, RCC offers a great deal of space to place info in the transaction where ACH does not.  Our RCC return codes are the same as ACH.  RCC allows for leniency in return rates; however, at PPA our return rate requirements remain the same across both networks. 

When will I receive my money?

We know how important cashflow is to your business.  After an initial 14 day hold on funds our merchants receive weekly settlement payouts.  

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Thank you for your inquiry!

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Interested in becoming an ISO?

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Would you like to bring the stable processing platform and ongoing education that PPA offers to your portfolio?  


Complete the form in the "Contact Us" section to get started today! 

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Terms and Conditions

The link below provides our standard Terms and Conditions.  Upon execution of a contract you agree to abide by these terms and conditions.  Terms therein may change periodically and as a customer of PPA it is your responsibility to review and adhere to these terms on an ongoing basis. 


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